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Terms & Conditions


1.Employer Accounts
When you create an account with, you need to submit the documents as requested by Your Account as an Employer is only for sourcing relevant IT profiles for your Human Resource requirement. is a virtual platform doing open sourcing of IT profiles, connecting IT talent to IT Opportunities and consider our action in sync with our commitment to IT Industry as a whole. is not responsible for and disclaims all liability if your email is used improperly or falsely by a third party. By registering for an account, you agree to receive mandatory email updates with regards to Job Applied by Job Seekers as well as regarding anomalous activity to your account. If you attempt to send an email from a name or email address that is not true, accurate, current or complete, we reserve the right to drop such email, and attempting to send such email is a violation of our terms.

2.Job Posts, Job Listings
You agree that the Job Specifics with regards to Job Profile listed are genuine and you agree to close the Job Posts, Job Listing as and when the requirements are fulfilled. offers you a Free platform to get Job Seekers for the Job Posts, Job Listings, Job Ads and you agree that doesn’t guarantee the quality and fitment of Job Seeker who apply on the Jobs Posted, Listed by you. Post submission of application for the job by the Job Seeker, you agree that has no role to play whatsoever and all communication should be directly between Job Seeker and Company. can refer you to Training Providers for any specific IT skill-sets you require from Job Seeker post joining. You agree that is purely a platform to connect. You agree that lists all the Jobs on the portal and Job Seekers have an option to apply to the Job Opening of their choice.

You agree that Job Seeker can contact you directly and has no control on the actions of the Job Seeker. You agree that by virtue of being an user, you will receive regular communication from as and when required to.